Your "everyday" supplements??

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    Your "everyday" supplements??

    With the new year, I was going to make a list of supplements for myself that I should take everyday. Stuff that can be taken for that long without any adverse effects. What do you guys take every day?

    So far, I have:

    • basic multivitamin
    • alcar
    • flax/fish oil
    • saw palmetto
    • l-lysine
    • l-arginine
    • r-ala (or k-r-ala, haven't researched yet)
    So, what all do you guys take everyday?

    1. Multi vitamin
    2. Multi Mineral
    3. Vit. C & E
    4. Green Tea Extract
    5. NAC
    5. Milk Thistle
    6. Celery Seed
    7. Fish Oil
    8. Hawthorne berries extract
    9. Piracetam
    1. Creatine Monohydrate
    2. 7-keto dermal

  3. Multi-V/M
    Vit C&E afer training
    Fish oil
    Flax oil
    Zinc & Magnesium

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