Erase Pro w/ DAA3K... Advise please..

  1. Erase Pro w/ DAA3K... Advise please..

    First off, this message board is by far the most informative site for supplement advice that I've come across. Much respect to all those members who provide no BS responses to help assist those who need some recommendations. With that said... I wanted to get some feedback regarding my current stack..

    DAA3k (3 grams = 4 pills a day) - 8 weeks.
    Erase Pro (1 pill a day) - start week 2 and run through weeks 9 and 10. Basically, continuing the Erase Pro for two weeks after I finish the 8 week run off DAA.

    This would be a starting stack not used as a pct. I've never used gear or PH' s. I'll be taking fish oil for the joints and an additional joint supplement if needed.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to increase strength, while gaining a solid 3-5 pounds.


  2. Looks good to me. You can start the EP with the DAA if you wanted but your offset will work just as well too. PES and USP put out solid products. You'll get the gains you want permitted diet and training are there. Erase kills my libido sometimes so I end up dosing every other day when that happens. Everybody is different though. Enjoy!
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  3. As sean said, you can start EPro and DAA at the same time and end at the same time. For DAA, I would either take all 3 grams pre-workout or split the doses up 1.5 grams twice per day. You can take EPro as you wake in the morning or pre-workout also.

    Fish oil and Cissus will help if you get joint discomfort or you can do the EOD protocol.

    Great stack choice and good choice on running for 8 weeks.

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback guys! I figured this would be a 'safe' stack to start.. no need for any pct. The test levels will go down to the original levels once I finish the cycle. Do you guys recommend taking a preworkout as well with the DAA before training?

  5. You can add in a pre workout, no problem.
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  6. Quick follow up on this current stack. I'll be starting week #4 of this stack tomorrow. First two weeks were DAA only. I started Erase Pro on week #3. About one week ago, I noticed a weird almost tingly feeling in my right nipple. I started feeling around that area and noticed a small lump directly under the nipple. It's shaped almost like a small triangle when I flex my pectoral.. I thought this could be part of my abdominals, but wasn't sure.. I also noticed two small lumps near the outside of my pectoral (near the right of the nipple, moving up) , same side. I don't feel pain, but it just doesn't feel right. I've developed a similar feeling on my left side starting yesterday. I don't want to freak out and say its gyno, but I've never felt these lumps or tingly feeling in all my years of lifting. I'm almost certain this is from the DAA... Shouldn't the Epro prevent this (if indeed its early signs of gyno)? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.



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