Can I run alphamine stacked with Oxyelite pro OG formula?

  1. Can I run alphamine stacked with Oxyelite pro OG formula?

    What's up guys..
    Its supp purchasing time again! My favorite time of the month..

    I've been running OEP OG formula for some time now..
    I wanted to try out some alphamine as well..
    Can I stack these together or is that a no no since they're both thermos..

    For this upcoming 30 day stack I was thinking: Erase Pro, Alphamine, OxyElite Pro(If compatible) Compound 20, Versa-1, and Anabeta Elite.

    Don't want to lose any muscle just the stubborn fat that's been sticking with me. The bottom part of my stomach still have no abs showing ;(

    Any suggestions? Really want to try alphamine.. possibly the new formula of the alpha t2 but not sure..

  2. I wouldn't do it, no.

    Pick one thermogenic at a time. I remember having a few capsules of the OG OEP from a friend of mine and remember them being potent. Combining it with something as strong as Alphamine is not something we could recommend.
    PEScience Representative

  3. Alright I'm just scared the old formula will be going bye bye soon and I won't be able to get some down the line.. Maybe could try their new formula if that happens for the next stack..

    Looks like its going to be: Alphamine, Anabeta Elite, Erase Pro, and finish my bottles of versa1, compound 20, and prime, which means I'll be running only the alphamine, ABE, and erase pro near the end of the cycle.
    Should I add alpha t2 to this for enhanced fat loss?

  4. Was also thinking about Yok3d..
    Man so many supps I want to try...

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