Waxy Maize Timing

  1. Waxy Maize Timing

    Just watched an interview of professional IFBB bodybuilder George Farah. In the video he makes the claim that simple sugars should not be consumed immediately after a workout because it "blocks GH release". Is this bro science or truth? Any studies proving this claim? I ask because I have a bag of waxy maize in my stash that I have yet to use. I was planning on taking it post but if there is a more beneficial time I will opt for that. Thank you for your help.

  2. Or rather do simple sugars have any place in a bodybuilder/ powerlifters diet? Ive been researching but everything I've found seems to be just people's opinions.

  3. Insulin and GH are usually if not always inversely related. Meaning, when insulin is present, GH will be at a minimum. Also, simple sugars aren't the only thing that initiate insulin release from the beta cells of the pancreas. Pretty much anything you ingest will initiate insulin release of different magnitudes.
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  4. I thought I read that having an insulin spike post workout doesn't blunt GH response but delays it until insulin levels go down. I'll see if i can find that source...

  5. This is all mental masturbation for 99% of us. Post bout you do not need to worry about insulin and GH and anything else. Just eat a meal, or don't. Really doesn't matter. You don't need to spike insulin with simple carbs, you do not deplete glycogen enough during a simple weight lifting session. Not to mention protein alone will spike MPS.

  6. Thanks for responses.

  7. I wouldnt think twice about it unless you are shooting exogenous gh, and in that case id avoid carbs for 30 mins.
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