Tips for best prices on supplements

  1. Tips for best prices on supplements

    Ok. I can't contribute to the forum with my knowledge on body building or experience with ph or aas. BUT I can share how I get the best prices for most of my supplement needs. First, in my area of Long island, i have a vitamin shoppe and a vitamin world/nutrition warehouse. The vitamin shoppe has a decent selection but is more expensive and wont match prices. To heck with them. The vitamin world/nutrition warehouse will but their selection is not as good. Ok. back to my plan.

    Go to Of all the retailers on line their price is usually the best. Beleive me, i have tried alot of places and they seem to be consistently the lowest on most products. Yes they charge shipping.

    Then go to They have a great selection and will take 5% off the lowest price of any web retailer. They "price bust" it by entering the website. Yes, they check it out. They charge 7.50 for ground shipping which is a rip off but no tax. If your order is high enough its a wash.

    Anyway, price bust your best price printout the shopping cart and go to your favorite retailer and have them match it. I just paid 22 and change for the 5lb designer whey container. OH by the way, ezprice match has ergo pharm 1 ad for 19.99.

    just my 2 cents.

  2. Cool! For protein I usually just go to GNC and buy expiring stuff.
    Usually 20 bucks CAD for a good concentrate isolate blend 5LB. Lowest I paid was 15 bucks for Simply Protein by EAS.

  3. gives you the best price for the best whey protein I've had, it meets the criteria of great taste, great price (10 lbs @ 37.99), and top notch quality

  4. bump on best whey @ allthewhey. That stuff is not only rockbottem price, it takes is one of the best on the market. As long as they stay in business I don't think I'm ever ordering from anywhere else.

  5. yea man, i always took prices off sites including MN and took them over to EZprice but now that I got a sugar-momma, I dont buy supps.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sage
    but now that I got a sugar-momma, I dont buy supps.
    And his name is Timmy


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