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  1. Yes. Usually 1-2 scoops upon waking and then 1 scoop later in the day. It is usually taken on an empty stomach as well. As long as it isn't taken too close to food the stim effect should be very effective.
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  2. ok. last ate 2 hours ago. Ive just taken slightly more than half a scoop with water and have another bottle of water beside me ive been sipping all day. 5-10 mins noticed a gentle warming feeling and slightly moisture on pal of hands. 10-12 mins after dosage, noticing an increase in mood for the good. not a lot more to report right now.

  3. so its about 20 minutes in and the half scoop has definitely had less of an impact. I would recommend a half scoop for any alphamine rookies. I also just found this review which provides details on each of the ingredients @ This is my forth dose of alphamine since purchasing.

    I did not think it was worth mentioning previously that i could feel muscles twitching which occurred again in the last 10mins and last night i had a twitch in my eye lid for about 10-15mins. These arent problems or anything, just noticable and worth recording. According to some information online this could be due to the ingredient N-Coumaroyldopamine. In addition to this the ingredient Pausinystalia Yohimbe Bark can potentially cause headaches. Im looking to increase definition of my abs and pecks and im intrigued as to whether this product can provide that

    The increase in mood is nice. I do feel good

  4. With a solid diet and training routine Alphamine should definitely help with increased muscular definition. What does the overall diet and training for yourself look like right now?
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  5. Its looks reasonably good. Im eating as clean as i can. My average breakfast for the last month has been porridge, probably 3 eggs scrambled. around 10/11am ill have some nuts. today i had pasta and haddock fish. then for lunch ill have some sushi with an avacado salad. today i had soup with seseme seed granary rolls. then half an hour later ill have a shake with ons gold standard whey protein. ill take beast creature creatine before and after training. Ill train soccer monday night, gym tues, squash wed, rest thursday, gym fri and sat morniing and rest sunday or else train suday morning. Ill have a cheat night on sat usually with a few glasses of red wine or beers and a pizza. i think im doing ok. Im about 178lbs, although need weighed properly again and im 5'11


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