Hey I am 23.5years old 10%bf, 175lbs, have been training for years, and have never used PH, and I am about to go forward on a UDrol cycle.

I will be using Leangains protocols during this time, training fasted with 10-30g bcaas, 500cals below maintenance and lower carb on off days, and 1000 calories above maintenance on on days (workouts 4-6x a week for under an hour, depending on recovery). Training will focus on TUT, volume, and form.

I will take Fish Oil, a Multi, Creatine, Beta Alanine, whey isolate Cycle Support, and ginger/tumeric/green tea, with probiotic foods during this cycle.

Week 2-4 eat possibly 1000-2000 above maintenance on on days
Week 5-10 lower volume/frequency and have more low carb days with 10 mins of HIIT after workouts.
Week 1 Cycle Support begins
Week 2 8mg Udrol
Week 3 12mg Udrol
Week 4 12mg Udrol
Week 5 12mg Udrol, TUDCA, DAA, Vitex, Cissus
Week 6 Raloxifene 100mg, TUDCA, DAA+Nolvadren-XT, Vitex, Cissus
Week 7 Raloxifene 50mg, TUDCA, DAA+Nolvadren-XT, Vitex, Cissus
Week 8 Raloxifene 50mg, DAA+Nolvadren-XT, Vitex
Week 9 Raloxifene 50mg, DAA+Nolvadren-XT
Week 10 DAA+Nolvadren-XT

I will run Vitex then Raloxifene early if gyno sets in. I really want to make sure my joints are healthy during the PCT, thus the cissus and raloxifene specifically.

Look Alright?