Load monohydrate after using other forms?

  1. Load monohydrate after using other forms?

    I have tried to make creatine one of my staples over the past few months. Been using stuff I get for free with orders (kre-alkalyn, HCL). I want to give mono a shot since I never have in the past and hear good things. Picked up 100% creapure monohydrate and will be taking 5g a day.

    My question is whether it is necessary to load the mono for 5-7 days at 20g or not since I have been taking other forms for the past few months. Am i considered saturated at this point from these other forms?

    Thanks in advance

  2. If you are saturated no need to load. In general loading may not be necessary anyways so just go with maintenance (3-5g) on training days you should be fine.
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