What to take when

  1. What to take when

    Ok, so I've been working out for about 3 weeks now. Tired of being fat, I'm at 36%BF. I wanted to make sure I could keep up the working out for more than a week before any supplements. I currently have BCAA's, glutamine, whey and casein. When should I take the said supps, before workout, after ? Is there anything I should take off that list or add to it ? My diet has been 1600-1800cal/day with about a 40/30/30 ratio.Thanks P.S Something to assist with muscle soreness/recovery would be great.

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    Protein powder post workout or as needed throughout the day to get your required amount. Glutamine isn't essential, probably enough already in your powder as is. Casein before bed or before a long period without eating as it digests very slowly, steady supply or Aminos. The BCAAs fit in a lot of places, pre, intra, or post workout as well as between meals if they are far apart. Personally I use my BCAAs on the morning and Preworkout, Protein powder postworkout.

    For recovery there are a lot of options out there, A proven supplement for it would be beta-alanine, very cost effective in bulk as well.
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  3. I agree. ^^^

    Whey protein directly after wo then eat a meal and hour later is good.

    Casein for meal replacement is u need a shake not whey. Whey is fast acting so won't do much for hunger you want a slower digesting shake to replace meal. You can also utilize casein b4 bed like driven suggested.

    BCAAs can be consumed b4 wo and during workout and anytime throughout the day if you want bud. I would just utilize them intra wo to save money.

    Glutamine since you have it, can be mixed in with your post wo shake 3-5g.

    As far as adding anything else, I like beta alanine caps or bulk fairly cheap and will help with recovery.

    Other than that, at this point just get your diet tuned in and results will come bud. Stay motivated and remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Feel free to post up diet and we can all help you tweak it if you'd like. Also, go check the nutrition section if you don't want to post it up here.

    Once you get that bf down you slowly add in other supps to help progress.

    Best of luck bud. Feel free to ask away

  4. Protein timing is irrelevant, and I recommend no more than 1-1.5 scoops per day. BCAA's post work best (and pre-), don't use them intra if your goal is fat loss.

    Oh and at your weight you should be eating far more than that. Otherwise you'll have a hell of a time retaining muscle.

  5. More calories in general or just adjust the macro ratios ?

  6. I wouldn't adjust macros until you know your body well enough to gauge the effects of changing them.

  7. Upping your calories will help with you feeling better and recovering better. 1,500 is the absolute lowest I would suggest for anyone (including 100lbs female). Go watch Layne Norton's youtube video on Metabolic Crashing, because that's exactly the track that you are on.

  8. Do not just "up" your calories without calculating your TDEE. At 36% you could easily lose 2lb's per week without losing muscle
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  9. Very informative video, thanks. I'm gonna have my BMR figured tomorrow at the gym. When I had it figured about 8 months ago, it was around 1650cal/day.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by OptimusX View Post
    Very informative video, thanks. I'm gonna have my BMR figured tomorrow at the gym. When I had it figured about 8 months ago, it was around 1650cal/day.
    You should focus on finding your TDEE vs basal metabolic rate
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  11. There is NO WAY at 247lbs that your BMR is less than 2k. I'd be surprised if your BMR is under 2,400-2,600 to be honest. There's online calculators you can use. Just use a couple of different ones and average them, because they will all probably give you different answers.

  12. It was a machine(can't remember the name of it) that gave me the 1650 reading. It's the same machine I'll be using tomorrow. Stand on a scale bare foot, hold "probe/sensors" in your hands, and it sends "pulses/signals" through your feet/hands to come up with the reading.

  13. Those are full of crap. Srs.

  14. Ok, so I've used 3 different online calculators for TDEE, reading varied from 2600-3000. With that being said, to achieve the 2lb weekly loss. How many calories should I be consuming daily and what ratios ?

  15. 1 pound = 3,500 calories

    Figure out TDEE and then subtract that amount of calories you need to burn a day to achieve your goal. Go somewhere between 0.8-1.5g of protein per pound of lean body mass.

    TDEE - X (whatever you need to burn daily to achieve weight loss) /5= calories for fat
    *figure out calories for fat and then divide by 9 to figure out how many grams of fat daily (1g fat = 9calories)

    TDEE - calories from fat - calories from protein (1g protein = 4cals) = how many calories are left for carbs (1g of carbs = 4 calories)

    BAM!! That's it. You will however have to keep adjusting as you lose weight.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by mpaquett View Post
    Those are full of crap. Srs.
    you know how many ignorant people believe these to be more accurate than calipers?

    i had to prove a pack of broscientists wrong last week by using their $120 scale to measure my bf twice. i went from 10.9% to 10.2% bf by peeing. "did you know you can piss out close to 2 lbs of fat?" was my response as i internally laughed at how superior i felt. they were crossfitters too, go figure

    aparently i have a metabolic age of 12 too. watever the fuk that is


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