pes erase and high blood pressure?

  1. pes erase and high blood pressure?

    anyone ever notice an increase in blood pressure on erase? i'm reading conflicting things on it, but i like to be careful with what i take as my BP tends to run high sometimes. i'm currently on some natty BP support, but still like to err on the side of caution with supps.

    thanks for your input, guys

  2. What is your natty support? I'd suggest celery seed extract, if 75mg twice a day of that doesn't put you under 120/80, you need pharma management. I'm happy as all hell on my Coreg + Enalapril The money spent on natty support is just not worth it IMO.

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  3. Doubt its from erase, as lowering estrogen actually tends to lower high bp from elevated levels of estrogen. As mentioned above celery seed extract helps.
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  4. i actually didn't like CSE when i tried it. even at 225mg it didn't do too much. HOWEVER, after adding about 3 stalks of celery to my shakes WITHOUT taking CSE, i saw drastic improvements; so i'm not sure how the CSE didn't help.

    critical bench - i currently used 100mg ubiquinol, 750mg hawthorn extract, taurine (although i'm just about out), and vitamin d. i've seen good results using all of those, as well as improvements with ameal peptides from swansons (reminds me, i need to get more) and agmatine.

    anyway, i haven't gotten into the erase yet, i just wanted to make sure there wasn't something in the compound that's raised BP in others.

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