Methoxyisoflavone gel

  1. Methoxyisoflavone gel

    I was chatting with some guys about methoxy and it being useless, but one of guys sweared by it. He told me that he bought a 60 grams for 45 bucks and added it in a home made t gel with added dmso. He swears tht he was able to add 10 lbs easily in month. the guy is huge and competes in natural competitions, he said that he used it several times with great succes. he mentioned the dosage 2 grams transdermally daily splitted twice 1 gram in the morning and other in the evening. he said he increased his water and protein intake and used nothing more.

  2. I only know a bit about transdermal products, but 1g seems like a large ammount of product for a single application

  3. plo?

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