C4 pre-workout

  1. C4 pre-workout

    What is everyones thoughts on c4 pre workout? Good? Bad?

  2. I'm a big fan, C4 had always gave me great pumps and good energy with increased focus. Taste great... All around good pre-workout. Just got my tub of Prodigy from PNI and will be logging that if you haven't tried it look out for my log!

  3. I also liked C4 when I used it. Good energy and focus and not much of a crash feeling after. I lift in the evenings after work so take my pre workouts at about 5. I have gone though many over the years and have had my share of products that made it hard to sleep after using. maybe I am just too tolerant to them now. I can't comment on the taste though since it was last year and I can't recall.

  4. Switch between white flood and C4. I love C4 great energy decent pumps. Gets u up and going when u need it I feel it's quality.

  5. I just tryed the C4 pre workout yesterday. It gave me more focus,intensity and pump during my workout, I can't wait to try it next week. I'll post more about it when I have it next week, I'm really excited to start C4.

  6. I saw it at Costco the other day. I enjoy c4 for the first week, but tolerance builds too quick

  7. its not a bad product but some of the ingredients are definitely underdosed
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  8. It's low on the stimulant side but I love that beta alanine

  9. Most excellent product; depending on the workout i may add a scoop of either karbolyn or karbrageous for extra endurance and raw power!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Clemenza View Post
    I enjoy c4 for the first week, but tolerance builds too quick
    i have the same problem..........ill have to go a week or 2 off of C4 then back on

  11. I have a bunch of different PWO drinks-- C4, white flood, condense, noxipro, 1MR, d-stunner, vasocor, and whatever else I can't remember right now. I've tried a bunch more but these are my favorites I keep on hand.
    I have tried both old and new C4 and while I prefer the old version, the new one is still a quality PWO. I get a good stim effect, decent focus and great pump.
    To say I'm addicted to PwO is well...whatever. Many people drink a ton of coffee and I don't. But my training sux without a pwo


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