Fadogia seems to be kicking in,but could it be causing anxiety?

  1. Fadogia seems to be kicking in,but could it be causing anxiety?

    So,I`m on day 10,and it seems like some crazy libido is kicking in.

    I will not contribute this to the Fadogia yet,I want to see if it could be a coincidence.

    For the last few days though,I have been having very strong anxiety.

    I easily slip into anxiety anyways,I`m prone to that,and I have been depressed for a long time,so it could just be my depression escalating.

    What I want to know,is it possible that Fadogia could be causing the anxiety?

    Should I stop it maybe?

    Would like to continue,libido and wood is raging right now,so I want to know if it will persist and if Fadogia really works?

    If anyone who is familar could shed some light,I`d be very thankful.

  2. I have also been drinking St.John`s Worth tea for some time now.

    This could also be the cause of both my anxiety and libido,although I stopped the day before yesterday,and am still feeling the sex drive....

  3. Idk, im pretty damn prone to anxiety and naturally get it all the time, but can't say it was elevated with fadogia.

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