I just tried some Karbrageous from IP Pharma and i must say its impressive. I usually use Power Carb or Karbolyn but needed a change - this stuff is sweet potato and wild yam based; Very unique... tastes amazing and if you add a scoop of Carnivore beef protein you have a complete meal. I'm gonna try it with a scoop of Nitro ncg or noxipro and see what whay type of pump i get - ill keep you posted!

  2. I picked up a jug at one of the body building shows and have been using it for 2 weeks. For my Crossfit style workouts, it has helped with endurance and recovery big time! The taste is pretty good considering its made from ground up sweet potatoes. I was using glycofuse from Gaspari but that was way too expensive, and I get such a better pump off the Karbrageous. Your body will recognize this as a real "whole food" and you will feel the difference with the first couple shakes. Throw in some Agmatine Sulfate if you really want to feel the pump!

  3. sounds interesting, where can you get this stuff!

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