Buying supplements from the US to the UK. a must read!!!

  1. Buying supplements from the US to the UK. a must read!!!

    ok so for years i've been buying supplements from Nutraplanet. I live in the UK. I would always get customs duty slapped on. Normally £20-£30. Also a £8 added on from the British courier as a (handling free) knobs.

    Anyways even with paying this extra i would ALWAYS save money.

    So i placed my order the other week, my order comes into the UK and goes through customs. I get my letter to pay duty before it gets through. This time it has "Import VAT" at £42. I've never had this before but this is my first order since the UK gov slapped 20% VAT onto sports supplements last October. What a ****ing joke. Just been raped big time and i doubt i'll be making any orders from NP anytime soon. Gutted!
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  2. Unfortunately, with the evident price increase of international shipping this is becoming a much less viable option for Europeans.

    I used to order from America quite regularly whereas now the product has to be extremely heavily discounted for it to make any kind of saving.

    I recommend going on holiday to America and stocking up lol.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Dan View Post
    I will smuggle you guys in whatever supplements you need, all I ask is to be paid in crumpets.
    I would need to inquire to the ratio of supplements:crumpets but consider my interested.

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  4. Sorry to hear that guys - next time I go over, I will let you know in advance and we can arrange for me to take you over a suitcase (or two) full of tasty supps.....

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