1. 6oxo

    My cousin is 33 and has low libido? Which one would be better to do just to raise natural test levels up?

    1.Week 1-600mg
    Week 2-500mg
    Week 3-400mg
    Week 4-300mg

    2.Week 1-500mg
    Week 2-500mg
    Week 3-500mg
    Week 4-500mg

  2. I would go with 3 grams of Trib ED.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lozgod
    I would go with 3 grams of Trib ED.
    Ummm allright, but which of the two would be better for 6oxo?

  4. The only dose that has been tested by Ergopharm for test boosting was 300 mgs X 2. I've always wondered where the diminishing dosing protocol came from, having never seen Pat Arnold endorse it and knowing that 6-oxo is a weak Suicide inhibitor of Aromatase.

    I also would like to see 6-oxo tested for longer than 3 weeks, Letrozole shows a rebound in Estradiol levels in healthy non anabolic using males after 21 days to back above baseline, and 6-oxo may have a similar profile.

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