1. Craze

    Had anyone experienced any side effects from craze?

  2. 2 scoops and no side affects....

  3. Been using craze from its beginning, & never experienced any side effects. IMO its the best pre for focus. I've tried all the newer products & always come back to craze.

  4. when my tolerance builds up, it just puts my ass to sleep. im still using og craze though. the crowd is saying the new craze sucks kok. id just go with enhanced dude

  5. The only side effect I notice is vastly decreased appetite/hunger for several hours after taking it.

  6. Only side effect I have noticed are the best workouts of my life all the time every time

  7. Agreed!

  8. No negative side effects here, but I don't go overboard.
  9. Smile Worries

    I bought a tub of craze and love it after my first experience. I've only taken it once so far, took one scoup. The focus it gave me throughout the whole day, especially mentally was amazing, and I felt pumped. I did an aerobic session with it, mostly cardio and I played football with friends. It made me a top performer in the football, and in the gym. I had great focus and energy, so much more than usual.

    But I wanted to do my research so basically I just put the ingredients on the tin into wikipedia (I know...) and a few red flags came up. Basically craze works by using PEA with a MAOI to make it potent. This is cool, so far no problem - it'll make your veins contract somewhat and elevate your blood pressure slightly, but I think that's fine. But then I saw it has an analogue of Tyramine in it.

    Now Tyramine with an MAOI can be pretty bad. It's all there on wikipedia; " The displacement of norepinephrine (noradrenaline) from neuronal storage vesicles by acute tyramine ingestion is thought to cause the vasoconstriction and increased heart rate and blood pressure of the pressor response. In severe cases, adrenergic crisis can occur."

    So this crisis does NOT sound good! I'm hoping the quantities that Craze uses for Tyramine are on the safe side; "When using a MAO inhibitor (MAOI), the intake of approximately 10 to 25 mg of tyramine is required for a severe reaction compared to 6 to 10 mg for a mild reaction"

    Also the tyramine with an MAOI can lead to a hypertensive crisis, which sounds even worse. It makes me wonder why bother with Tyramine, why run the risk of those adverse reactions which could seriously affect DS's reputation, why not just stick with Phene and MAOI alone......?

    I'm not a scientist, I'm only reporting what I found, but if there are any scientists, chemist kids etc. who could pitch in, it would be very much appreciated, I'm sure by everyone. I'm hoping the Tyr quantities are safe and that I can continue using without any problems.... but long-term health is much more important than short term gains, I think everyone values their life more than their muscles......

    So an ingredient list verses what I found out from wiki:
    the ingredients list an analogue of PEA (there are a few analogues of PEA in the list) - which is somewhat related to amphetamines, but is a separate class completely to be fair;

    n-dimethyl-b-phenylethylamine - which is Hordenine (the MAOI present)

    N-Methyltyramine (NMT) - the analogue of Tyramine which is very similar and where the problem(s) could be found......

    And there's one called N-Diethyl-B-Phenylethylamine, which I couldn't really find much info on...... Science peeps?

    Remember, I am not a scientist, I am only reporting what I've read. I hope to be proved wrong so I can go back to taking Craze without worrying, so please chime in anyone and everyone with your thoughts, but let's try to keep it objective...
    If there are any scientists please, I'd very much like to hear from you.
    Ok I'll leave it there.

  10. Nothing here but amazing workouts

  11. New Craze doesn't hold a candle to OG Craze. That said Ive had no problems with either of them...
    Independent Review

  12. OG craze i got a headache the very first time but was going to heavy on the scoops. So just measured a better amount for me and boom craze is the craze now for me
    Hybrid Performance Nutrition


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