Arganine, Nitric Oxide + DAA

  1. Arganine, Nitric Oxide + DAA

    Any supplement out there which has a combination of these in? Looking to take before a workout. I am using Anabeta Elite, Alphamine + ALCAR currently but looking to smash something in for a little extra especially before the gym.

  2. Test Powder contains DAA + Agmatine (and more).
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  3. Yeah man test powder would go well with that stack. You can do fruit punch AlphaMine and fp Tpowder. Or get crazy and do blue razz with raspberry lemonade. Make it blue raspberry lemonade! Get great pumps off that.

  4. arginine is an old school thought process for NO production. agreed with test powder....

  5. Dpol also contains DAA + Nitrates. Idk why I didn't mention it in my original response but those two products would be what I would look at given what you are looking for.
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  6. or bulk daa plus bulk agmatine plus maybe bulk lclt....

  7. why arginine? just basic Arginine?

    I think a product with Agmatine would be a better choice unless you mean for GH effects, in which case I think there are still better options
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  8. In all contexts Arginine is pure garbage...just spend your money on better things. I would say change it for Agmatine, and we got 100g of Agmatine powder for the cheapest price on the market. 1g a day does the trick and you could go up to 2g and still get more than a month and a half supply!
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  9. Don't forget to add some cit/mal
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Don't forget to add some cit/mal
    And quality nitrates. If you wanted this combo cheap just get bulk DAA and get PES Enhanced, that should prove FAR superior to Test Powder.

    Another route would be to go the Bulk and lasting stack and get 1x SNS Agmatine Powder 100g , Bulk DAA , Max Pump from Finaflex for nice Betaine Nitrate, and betaine has a proper synergistic effect with DAA and agmatine IMO.
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