Do 1-T or 4-AD have any liver toxicity?

  1. Do 1-T or 4-AD have any liver toxicity?

    Guys does plain 1-t and plain 4-AD have any liver toxicity?


  2. It depends what you consider liver toxicity but yes it does. Obviously it's not as severe as methyls especially m1t. Even in transdermal use it should eventually be metabolized by the liver. Steroids suppress natural test production so this shutdown results in elevated cholesterol levels as it's not converted into test and other hormones.

  3. It also depends if you are using transdermals but usually they arent as bad as methyl verions.

  4. I dont think there has ever been a case of steroid induced hepatitis (not sure if thats what it is called) with non methlyated steroids.

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