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  1. Picked up a bottle of Dermacrine from a workout buddy. I already have a bottle of OG Erase but would it be better to grab some Formasurge? I've seen quite a few threads mentioning Derm & Forma.

    Or any other stack ideas? Not considering any PH's right now. Thanks.

    FYI...Currently just started a Versa & C20 stack.

  2. Why not throw it in current stack

  3. Forma would be my choice, but I'm biased.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by abish View Post
    Why not throw it in current stack
    I would but I've never run Versa & C20 so I want to see what they can do first.

    Just wondering if I would notice a difference using Derma & Erase vs Derma & Forma ?

    Haven't heard or seen many people using Derm solo.

  5. Keep in mind that Dermacrine already has ingredients that may have AI properties. It's actually a stack by itself.



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