I heard Endosurge Turbo will increase test, but along with that increase estrogen. Is it bad to take it by itself without an estrogen blocker such as Erase? I have been taking endosurge for 2 days so far. Will the increased estrogen rise over the increased test without the estrogen blocker or am I fine?

  2. You should have no problem going solo.

  3. Solo runs are perfectly fine.

  4. Unless your hormones are already imbalanced, your estro levels should be unaffected for all practical purposes. Running an AI with Endosurge is definitely fun and can further increase your testosterone levels, but it absolutely not needed.
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  5. Do you think it's safe to stack endosurge turbo and animal stak? Or would that be too much mucuna? Like, would that be a harmful amount of l-dopa?

  6. I believe if you are taking the recommended dosage of Endosurge Turbo which is 6 caps, I'd stray away from any more macuna or l-dopa.


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