Are there any products similar to dermacrine?

  1. Are there any products similar to dermacrine?

    I can't find dermacrine anywhere and I really liked using it. Are there any similar products?

  2. rs transaderm if youre willing to pay your soul for it.

    dermacrine suposed to be re released any fukin time now. bps has been shafting us on the eta for a few months

  3. It has just been re-released.

  4. there you go lol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    there you go lol
    Literally, like a couple hours ago. Perfect timing

  6. yup i just found it for $40 on another site. i hope nutra puts it on sale

  7. Sweet that really is perfect timing. So it will be offered for $40?

  8. idk, possibly. i found it at another site i buy from for $40 about a minute ago. i suspect 45-50 from nutraplanet, maybe 35-40 if they it n re release sale


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