Formeron solo for bulking?

  1. Formeron solo for bulking?

    Quick question, if someone has never done a cycle of anything,and used formeron at 4 pumps a day for 6 weeks while eating 300-500 over maintenance what kind of results could be expected?

    Also, if that dosage makes joints sore, is there any danger in continuing at the same dosage since it would only be for 6 weeks?


  2. Formeron is just formestane, correct?

    How many mg of active is 4 pumps/day for 6 weeks?

    I'd run max 150mg for 6 weeks. It's a very potent AI.

    Joint soreness could be an annoyance, but IIRC it subsides post use.

    The results would be lowered estrogen resulting in higher test levels. I would assume skin tightening would occur as well.
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  3. Thanks for the reply!

    Yes it's topical formestane. The total daily would be 300 mg. I'm not running it for its Ai properties but more for the conversion to 4oh-test hence the high dose. Just trying to figure out what the effects would be of the hormone at that dosage.

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