The ULTIMATE protein shake for cutting OR bulking

  1. The ULTIMATE protein shake for cutting OR bulking

    This is a family recipe that has passed down from generation to generation, and I feel like I should bless you all with it as a Christmas present. Most of you will say **** that, and hate on this protein shake without even trying it, and in doing that, you will be a closed-minded bastard. It actually does not taste bad, and some people(including myself) think that it tastes good. With the orange juice and banana, you can't even taste the tuna. Anyway its a great way to not break the bank buying powders and is available anywhere there is a grocery store. Also, college kids who have access to bulk amounts of tuna say in a cafeteria can make them for free. You also get the necessary sugars/carbs you need post-workout. I personally drink one PW and one before bed.

    The Tuna Protein Shake:

    1 cup of tuna (2 cans)
    1 banana (cut it in 4 peices and put it blender)
    1.5-2 cups orange juice (use light orange juice if on a cutting cycle)

    Blend this together for 45 seconds. Drink immediately. Enjoy this recipe as it has treated me and my family right over the years.

    Nutritional Facts:
    Protein: 66g !!!!
    Carbohydrates: about 30g
    Fat: 2g
    Also contains vitamins and potassium

  2. How's the consistency?

  3. F the juice.

  4. consistancy is liquidy. Oh yeah and omar have you tried it? You aren't being close minded bastard are you?

  5. Man, I'm gonna HURL!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by timogburn
    consistancy is liquidy. Oh yeah and omar have you tried it? You aren't being close minded bastard are you?
    i want to try it (cough.... not) but bobo won't let me.

    here's a better recipe for high protein egg nogg

    2 cups skim milk
    1 whole egg
    4 egg whites
    vanilla extract
    splenda and cinnamon to taste
    blended till smooth.

    oh yea.... you can add rum if you're really in the holiday spirit.

  7. Strap on a pair and try it, you'll never go back to the powders.

  8. i'll be a close minded bastard. OJ and tuna aren't exactly complementary. if you think that tastes good than you need to get ahold of some allthewhey orange protein. that stuffs "the ****"


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