Nitraflex pwo by Gat

  1. Nitraflex pwo by Gat

    Has anybody tried this stuff? I've been hearing good things

  2. It made me feel like crap. It had me amped up for a couple hours though. I gave it to someone else and he trashed it because of how crap it made him feel. I was very stim tolerant at the time too. That, and I dunno wtf is in it.
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  3. i like it... works fine for me and i dont crash from it
    Always willing to learn :D

  4. NM, I just read it has or had 1,3 in it. I don't respond well to that. A relative that competes was talking it up, I think I'll stick with the powermax for now.

  5. And a differing opinion.... I use 1,3 every day : P

    like a bawsssss... unless someone can link me some health concerns related to 1,3's use on a daily basis

    Always willing to learn :D

  6. Honestly not a big fan of Nitraflex. My performance blew balls on that shyt. After about 10 minutes working out I felt like I hit a brick wall and it didnt go away. I still have a tub of that stuff thats like 2 yrs old
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