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    Is Erase in prxt also? I know it's in Novadren. Or does PRxt only contain the Anabeta?
    The PR-XT has Brassaiopsis Glumerulata.
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    When I logged PR-XT and Nolvadren I had to drop the dosage of Nolvadren down and eventually taper off completely by the end. The PR-XT worked fine in its AI effects on me solo. The Nolvadren was also a great estrogen reducer and th two together was too much for me. I had run Nolvadren previously and am familiar with its effects.

    I'm saying this not as a MAN rep, but as a long time user of their products. Much respect to you Coop, but from my experiences your comment doesn't apply.
    Experience is a function of placebo my friend. I have no doubt you felt estrogen was low, but in essence:

    10:1 means that the amount of actives are concentrated by a factor of 10x. So if there is 100mg of 10:1 extract, this is the same as 1g of the raw plant.

    A single bay leaf, depicted below, weighs 2 grams. Assuming similar sized leaves on both plants, you're looking at the equivalent of eating 1/2 of a leaf of the plant daily. Based on the IC50/Ki of Brassaiopsis' actives in inhibiting aromatase, it is literally impossible for 100mg of 10:1 extract to reduce estrogen. This is how I'm certain it's placebo in this case (or some other unaccounted factor).


  3. I tried it,likes it a lot.just got another bottle.I felt pumps,stronger and my libido was up.


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