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    Is Erase in prxt also? I know it's in Novadren. Or does PRxt only contain the Anabeta?
    The PR-XT has Brassaiopsis Glumerulata.

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    When I logged PR-XT and Nolvadren I had to drop the dosage of Nolvadren down and eventually taper off completely by the end. The PR-XT worked fine in its AI effects on me solo. The Nolvadren was also a great estrogen reducer and th two together was too much for me. I had run Nolvadren previously and am familiar with its effects.

    I'm saying this not as a MAN rep, but as a long time user of their products. Much respect to you Coop, but from my experiences your comment doesn't apply.
    Experience is a function of placebo my friend. I have no doubt you felt estrogen was low, but in essence:

    10:1 means that the amount of actives are concentrated by a factor of 10x. So if there is 100mg of 10:1 extract, this is the same as 1g of the raw plant.

    A single bay leaf, depicted below, weighs 2 grams. Assuming similar sized leaves on both plants, you're looking at the equivalent of eating 1/2 of a leaf of the plant daily. Based on the IC50/Ki of Brassaiopsis' actives in inhibiting aromatase, it is literally impossible for 100mg of 10:1 extract to reduce estrogen. This is how I'm certain it's placebo in this case (or some other unaccounted factor).
    The above is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of PES

  3. I tried it,likes it a lot.just got another bottle.I felt pumps,stronger and my libido was up.



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