CMitch Genomyx Creignite Log!

  1. CMitch Genomyx Creignite Log!

    Big thanks to everyone at Genomyx for this. Going to be logging their supplement Creignite. a little about myself, 19yo, been lifting about the past 5-6 years, but only seriously for one. I say seriously, because in the beginning it was all about finding that single supplement that would make me huge and cut. now that ive gotten a steady decent diet in check, and lifting consistent, i can say i have been lifting for 1 year solid and have made some great gains. My training style changes every two or three weeks, and i am going to be dosing just as the bottle says and take 2 scoops half hour before working out. i figure i will just mix it with my pwo. excited to see how this goes down, gonna be sick!!

  2. Sweet bro! Glad it got to you safely.Lets see if we can get this moved to the log section But, good things are coming! Gonna be a great ride for sure.

  3. Whoops. Didn't realize that. Haha. Started a new thread don't worry!

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