ageforce hgh power patch

  1. ageforce hgh power patch

    Hi there folks,

    I'm just got 6 months worth of hgh powerpatches from ageforce.

    Could anybody recommend some supplements to take with them and has anyone had experience with these things?Or are they a waste of money?

  2. i have never used it before. only GH supps i have tried and liked are HGHup and IGF 2. if you are wanting to create a nice stack, you have a numerous amount of options.

    Erase, Erase Pro, DAA, Anabeta Elite, Anabeta to name a few

    also, for your staples, look into Cit Mal, Creatine, Beta Alanine, agamitine

    what are your goals?
    Iron Forged Nutrition Rep

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