Party/Clubbing Stack

  1. Party/Clubbing Stack

    If one was avoiding alcohol for dietary or personal reasons, but still wanted to hit the clubs for a night out, what would you recommend?

    Illegal drugs are on the table, but let's try to keep this OTC mostly.

    My suggestion:

    Phenibut: Liked it in both social and personal settings. I had to be up and active to notice It's effects, but it felt like 1-3 beers with less intoxication, and some of its own personal traits. Similar feel to xanax too.

    Axon: Haven't tried this yet, but stimulants give me solid euphoria and this looks like a winner in that sense. Plus One'll need energy to be out all night partying.

    Marijuana: I'm a daily user so this is a no brainer for me, but It's psychoactive effects and recreational usage shouldn't need to be explained.

    I haven't tried the following stack and do not recommend others too. This would be my guess of a decent mix for the situation described above, however.

    A good Kava Kava extract is on my list to try, and so is some Kratom, but I know there is so much more out there.

    Drop dem suggestions!

  2. Curious about this thread. I would assume any type of stimulant would be ideal for partying. But maybe Focus XT, PEA or Picamillion.

  3. 1/4 spoon, 2 footballs.....
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  4. You could give Uncut a try. It gives a lot of users a euphoric feeling along with intense focus.

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