phenylpiracetam 19 years old

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  1. First post and glad to be on this forum. As a student I am definitely in the same boat with you guys in needing a pick me up for exams. Undergrad biology almost done! I do have some experience with phenyl but I never liked it much, caused my allergies to go haywire. Always preferred just plain old choline (cdp/alpha) and piracetam.

  2. as i just re-discovered my old thread I am curious if there are any new noots or "study-helpers" out there that wait to be tested lol ?

  3. New stuff

    You could look at Razors Edge from Blackstone Labs. It combines phenylpiracetam and adrafinil. Again this is still to much for a 19y old. But if you can handle the Phenyl then it may be an option. Down side is you can not use it every day. A tolerance will build up, and it will loose its effectiveness.
    So don't use this and good luck.

  4. Never again will I dose phenylpiracetam in any other time besides immediately upon waking. I normally dose it at about 8 when the week of finals and yesterday I dosed it at 2 pm and couldn't fall asleep u ntill 5 am when I had to be up at 7 the next day


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