phenylpiracetam 19 years old

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    how do you handle that without stims o_000000 thats insane
    Stim free focus xt, noopept, and the dream of reaching the weekend so I can sleep more than 4 hours every night...
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  2. I really gotta try some of this stuff!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    I wouldn't use Phenyl at your age. It alters receptor densities and such...not something you want in the developing brain
    I'm really interested in this. How does it affect the adult brain over the long term?

    I was going to add it to Focus-XT and Methyl-Synephrine as a pre workout supp.

  4. i nailed the exam with 95%/100 using demiurge for one month lol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bomb View Post
    i nailed the exam with 95%/100 using demiurge for one month lol
    Congratulations! I'm sure studying helped too.

  6. First post and glad to be on this forum. As a student I am definitely in the same boat with you guys in needing a pick me up for exams. Undergrad biology almost done! I do have some experience with phenyl but I never liked it much, caused my allergies to go haywire. Always preferred just plain old choline (cdp/alpha) and piracetam.

  7. as i just re-discovered my old thread I am curious if there are any new noots or "study-helpers" out there that wait to be tested lol ?
  8. New stuff

    You could look at Razors Edge from Blackstone Labs. It combines phenylpiracetam and adrafinil. Again this is still to much for a 19y old. But if you can handle the Phenyl then it may be an option. Down side is you can not use it every day. A tolerance will build up, and it will loose its effectiveness.
    So don't use this and good luck.

  9. Never again will I dose phenylpiracetam in any other time besides immediately upon waking. I normally dose it at about 8 when the week of finals and yesterday I dosed it at 2 pm and couldn't fall asleep u ntill 5 am when I had to be up at 7 the next day


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