Planning to run an LG stack of their platinum line and wondered if anyone had feedback on this plan? This protocol was recommended to me by someone who deals with LG and I didn't expect such a mix so I wanted to solicit some feedback since this forum has been great to me in the past. I don't mind the cost but I want to make sure that my time/investment drive the best results. I have experience with H-drol and a bunch "natural" test boosters. Diet and gym routine are on point.

Current Routine:

4 Day/Wk (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri) Push/Pull Split (5x5 heavy pull, 3x10 light push, 3x10 light pull, 5x5 heavy push)

I'm 5'11 @ 165lbs with ~8% BF

Current 1RM Bench: 245lbs
Current 1RM Deadlift: 415lbs
Current 1RM Squat: 315lbs

LG Sciences Stack:
2 bottles 1Andro
2 bottles M1D Andro
2 bottles EpiAndro
1 Bottle Formxt

Following recomended dosing on package:

wk 1: 1-Andro
wk 2-4: 1-Andro, M1D Andro
wk5: M1D Andro, EpiAndro
wk 6-8: EpiAndro, Formxt
wk 9-11 Formxt

Anyone have direct experience with any of these? I've been trying to research side effects and haven't been able to find much which I hope doesn't mean that they just aren't strong/effective...