Best supplement for Trigger Finger.. help needed

  1. Best supplement for Trigger Finger.. help needed


    Few months ago ive developed trigger finger. Dont know why, because i never had it. Coincidence or not, it shows up some days after i started to take a cortisol control supplement (Reduce XT). I work a lot with computer what shouldnt help too..

    I have no pain and no itch, but the movement is strange and i know something is not right..

    I take regularly Omega 3, Whey, Waxy Maize, Anavite and started a month ago Cordyceps and Gingko Biloba/Gotu Kola/Siberian Ginseng.

    Im thinking to take some other supplement to see if it helps. Im in doubt beetween USP Super Cissus, Animal Flex, Glucosamin, etc..

    What do you think? Any advise? Any positive experience with any supplement and trigger finger?


  2. What is trigger finger?

  3. When i bent my finger and try to straighten it, it becomes locked.. i have to push it harder to straighten it. And the movement isnt smooth..

    Since english isnt my native language its a little hard to explain..

    Maybe a link could help:

  4. Basically trigger finger is when one of the tendons in your finger get stuck with the sheath that goes around it, typically when straightening your finger. You need to work on the inflammation, and there are exercises you can do with physical therapy for conservative treatment. I'd recommend seeing an OT for this, he/she can make a splint for your finger so it won't get stuck when you straighten it. There are also corticosteroid shots you can get from your PCP.

  5. Thanks for your advice..

    Before i see an OT i want to give a shot with some supplement but im in doubt which one.

    Im thinking on Cissus because ive hard good things about tendon inflamation, but lets see.. Ive started to apply some Arnica cream that had here and it seems to relieve the symptoms after i applied it but very soon to see the effects in long term



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