My UNCUT samples

  1. My UNCUT samples

    Received 2 sample packs
    took 2 pills on an empty stomach and hit the gym went through my usual upper body workout and felt no stimulating effect at all.
    Thought wow this stuff gives me energy,focus and endurance without any stimulating effects what so ever.
    So I continued to do more sets of dumbbell exercises until I was fatigued which took another 45 mins. or so.
    I hit the exercise bike for 30 mins. Which is normal now after my knee surgery. Watched my heart rate and seen no raise what so ever (never went over 130).
    Next day man I was sore !! Felt great that I was able to get such a great workout with this product and truly agree it is UNCUT and concentrated much better than other products you have to mix with water which makes me feel bloated.
    I took the other 2 pills the on this day too but couldn't workout as hard. Did my sit-ups exercise bike ( 30 mins) and a small leg workout ( which left me sore by the way) quads mostly. Have to be carful after the surgery. Came home with enough energy to clean up the garage !!!
    So I think this is a great product and I will be ordering some in about a month when I'm back on track with my workouts. I need to use up some of these inferior mixes I've got laying around in my recovery stage after surgery.
    Anyone have any questions I'd be happy to hear from you.

  2. im loving unct as well! but review section----------------->
    1300 pound club, 1400 in site

  3. Review section

    I tried but having problems with phone

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