Hi guys,

I am looking to Try out the Gaspari Size on Supp intra workouts and then a protein powder post workout.

My question is this: I noticed that with the Gaspari Size On supp, there are amino acids and certain vitamins in it that also are in MAX's Mass Gainer Pro Xtreme.
Now would it be ok to take both on the same day and double up on Amino acids and Vitamins? or should I be looking to take a protein with no amino acids and vitamins such as Gaspari IntraPro stacked with Size On?

Either that or I could go the MAX's protein stacked with another Intro Workout supp without the Amino acids and vitamins in it. Just so im not doubling up on them.

As I heard overdosing on Vitamins can be a bad thing.

Thanks guys in Advance.