NOW Brand Quality Heads Up

  1. NOW Brand Quality Heads Up

    For years now I feel NOW has always been hailed as a great company with the most rigorous product and quality testing and one of the first major companies to have GMP testing for all products. I have been a long time purchaser but recently something caught my attention. I purchased capped psyllium husk from them. However, some of the capsules are completely full, half full, barely anything in them, etc. This is obviously due to a lapse in quality control. Now I'm not saying that NOW is a bad company or anything like that. More along the lines of how scary it is that if this can happy to a great company such as NOW who is known for their product quality and testing, Imagine what happens at some of the places who don't even test what is in their product. Imagine if superdrol caps came half dosed, double dosed, etc. I'm sure NOW is still a great company. Just a reminder that these things do happen and we need to be careful about what we buy and put in our bodies, who we buy it from, and what kind of testing and quality control they have.

    Here are the caps. Untouched straight out of the bottle and this was just out of one handful. Their are more messed up ones in the bottle.

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  2. I used to work at a place that capped all kinds of brands and hydroxycut was one of them. They may have also have them capped at a diffrent facility. Ive seen stuff like that happen and it is suppose to get pulled out but doesnt always.

  3. Also I would call them. They woould probably give you another bottle.

  4. That's interesting. The same thing happened to me. Ive finished the bottle, but their is still one empty cap in it. And like you said some of the pills were like half full and some barely even had anything in the at all. This cap is completely empty
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  5. And you can see all the powder on my hands and in the bottle that spilled out as a tried to get the cap out

  6. Yeah call them. Sounds like a bad batch possibly. It happens.

  7. This is def something to be concerned/aware of. I think it would be good if the various reps posted what their company does to prevent this. Quality control should be very important

  8. Yeah I'm sure it's a bad batch and will take care of it. Just think of how many supplements come I clear caps. Almost none. This could be happening much more than you think


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