need help on GREEN MAGNITUDE and c4 extreme

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  1. can it be that i m training very heavy more than before ?
    or is it that my carbs are really low . though my protein is high?

  2. I'd take it everyday, full scoop, to get maximum benefits (Betaine). Or just pick up some Jarrow TMG cheap for off days.

  3. im doing GM everyday

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Check your pms
    im almost 3 weeks on GM and what i noticed are as follows
    1- good leaness
    2- some strength gains
    3- no gain in size some how may be just 1/4 inch
    4- frequent urination
    i have tried 1/2 scoop before and after but my strength levels decreased than when i was on full scoop pre workout.
    just very curious why am i not being able to see muscle size gains .atleast fullness

    i also thing the leaness may be due to the c4 i have used for 10 days with gm pre workout

    plz corect me if im wrong some where


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