2005 Supplement Lineup

  1. 2005 Supplement Lineup

    I have a lot of stuff lying around that I'll be organizing into cycles for next year..
    Here's the list:

    CEE (1kg)
    Ipriflavones (200gms)
    Leptigen Rebirth
    Sytenhance (2 bottles)
    Superdrol (as soon as I grab 4-5 bottles at the sale)
    Mdien Xtreme (4 bottles)
    M4ohn DS (3 bottles)
    Thermorexin (1 bottle ~ 180 count)
    Sesathin (2 bottles)
    6oxo (2 bottles)
    ZMA ON's (1 bottle ~ 180 count)
    Vitrix Tribulus (4 bottles)

    Most of the stuff like the 6oxo, ipriflavones and trib I got at really low prices - the only reason I grabbed em..

    Currently due to work schedule being so ****ed up, I'm just concentrating on the basic supps, ie. Whey (VP2), Blend (Miscellar Matrix), ALCAR, Multis and R-ALA (glucorell)..

    I'll probably do a cutter right off the bat in the new year using the t-rex, sesathin & leptigen..and then incorporate either the mdien, m4ohn or both. After a few months of maintenance, I'll probably go for a lean bulker using the superdrol to finish off the year..

    Anyways, just thought I'd post

  2. BTW, been reading here forever..just started posting

    I'm 25 6'0, 220lbs @ 17%bf... been training on and off for like 7 years and have been at it hardcore and made it a lifestyle for the last 3 years. Haven't used any ph's or aas's so far and have been just relying on the basics - food, whey/blends, creatine and proper routines. Have done the Max-OT routine initially, which put on size and strength rather quick as well as upper/lower endurance routines with rep ranges in the 15-20s and am now looking towards either periodization or the dogcrapp for 2005.

    Some lifts include:
    325 Squat (2)
    325 Deadlift for reps
    275 SLDLs for reps
    850 Legpress for reps
    185 Bent over bb rows for reps
    600 Calf machine shrugs for reps
    110 Barbell curls
    100 Skullkrushers
    100 Snatches
    180 Tbar

    Weak points:
    Chest -
    BB bench ~ 200
    DB incline ~ 85/db

    *I haven't done any 1RMs. All poundages are for reps 6-8 & set ranges 3-4.

    Goals for 2005 -
    Bring chest up to par (and increase on everything else) as well as drop to about 10% bf.

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