Found a box of Plasma Jet (Gaspari)

  1. Found a box of Plasma Jet (Gaspari)

    So I found an old unopened box of Plasma Jet that I bought a loooong time ago and for whatever reason, never used. I like Gaspari products but have never really used any N.O. products. Anyone have any experience with this? Would it be worth it to throw it in my routine or should I even bother?

  2. Well i doubt you will be able to sell it, might as well in my opinion
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  3. Def try it out, that was actually a great product. It is also an amazing libido booster so you can use it as a performance enhancer if you want.

  4. if you just found it then yes i would take it

  5. One of my favorites of all time. Hurry and use it before it expires. Or pm me I'll trade or buy it from you

  6. I ****ing love that stuff!!! Will gladly trade for it, excellent product

  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I did a little more research and seems most people enjoyed it. I'll prob go ahead and start taking it just for the hell of it.

  8. Good stuff! I went thru many boxes myself

  9. I usually eat about 2 hours before hitting the gym. Should I go ahead and take the PJ then?
  10. Found a box of Plasma Jet (Gaspari)

    If you want to work, you'll need an over-active imagination - that's how the placebo effect works

  11. So you're not a fan I take it?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by whaz View Post
    So you're not a fan I take it?
    Bro it works lol. You said yourself you saw a lot of good feedback. Take it on an empty stomach. Great pumps/vascularity. Your girl will love it too!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Captn_the View Post
    If you want to work, you'll need an over-active imagination - that's how the placebo effect works
    That can be said for at least 75% of the supplements on the market today. Probably 95% of the stimmed pre-workout crap.


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