Podcast Interviews with Supp Companies

  1. Podcast Interviews with Supp Companies

    Soo many great companies, soo many great products. I am looking at creating a podcast, timeframe to be determined where I will showcase a company per call and interview a representative. Topics to include history of the company, coverage of a few products, efficacies, dosage timing etc etc. Perhaps a Q&A based on emails received prior to the shows.

    I think it would be great to hear live voices instead of reading blurbs on the site.

    Thoughts? Would any companies be interested in this? It would be a great free avenue to publicize your company, discuss a new product etc etc.

  2. Sounds like a good idea, I'm surprised no one responded to you on this

  3. I have 2 companies willing to be guests but not much other than that
    www.youtube.com keyword SuppTalk Radio

  4. Looking for companies interested as well as Q&A from you the masses http://www.supp-talk.blogspot.com
    www.youtube.com keyword SuppTalk Radio

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