Blood Test #1 (Cholestrol Question)

  1. Blood Test #1 (Cholestrol Question)

    I just got some blood tests back, figure I'd do one pre-cycle, mid, and post. My liver values are all normal, (probably won't stay that way! ) and test is normal...hehe. Can't wait. BUT,

    Cardiac Risk Profile

    Cholestrol 190 - < 200
    HDL 64 mg /dl (high) 40-59 mg/dl (normal)
    LDL 111

    Now this isn't bad, but I know it's only gonna get worse with massive food intake and of course AAS.

    I've collected the supplements for prostate protection, liver protection, DHT inhibitors as hair protection, etc etc., but what about cholestrol? If we can't afford to loose out on the *quantity* of the food we eat, how do we cut down the cholestrol and sitll maintain the calories and protein? Any supplements help?

    (Also, how many eggs is it safe to eat in a day? If I throw out the yolk, can I still get the protein and eat an infiniate number?)

  2. Your best bet for cholesterol control is prescription medication. Cholesterol is something I wouldnt mess with, or ignore. The best way to rid yourself of LDLs is exercise and physical activity. If you're planning on bulking, still do moderate cardio twice a week. It will compromise your gains slightly, but its better than a stroke or heart attack.

  3. If you're planning on bulking, still do moderate cardio twice a week. It will compromise your gains slightly, but its better than a stroke or heart attack.
    nah, not for me man. My life's #1 priority is to put on weight...if i have to die for it, so be it. This is my one shot to beat my genetics, I ain't gonna mess it up by doing cardio. LDL's invisible, that's all I care about! Well...deca dick wouldn't be fun...but I'm already planning to go without we'll see. You think the FUZU and clomid/nova alone can do it? (400 mg deca 8 weeks, enth 500 mg for 10) As for fast can it go up or down? well, we'll know in a few months after my next blood test.

  4. Hey man, its your body, all I can do is advise. I wouldnt run deca without HCG, but thats me, to each his own. Fuzu and clomid wont do the job nearly as well as HCG, but its your choice. Avoid high cholesterol foods and drink plenty of water and you should be good to go. But if you develope cardiovascular disease, dont blame me

  5. On my death bed in a county hospital at the age of 25 from clogged arteries, I will ask the nurse for one last dying favor...tell her to find a man named YJ on an internet board and tell him..."Baham said, at least he died lookin nice and big, instead of livin to the ripe age of 30 lookin puny...(from cardio )" Then I'd ask her to certify my statement as true by her saying "yup, I'd do him."

  6. LMAO! Very nice...


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