Finishing up an Anabeta Elite and EP Stack: Where to go from here

  1. Finishing up an Anabeta Elite and EP Stack: Where to go from here

    Hello to everyone out there....New to this forum and after reading a ton of informative info. on this site thought I would post my first question. I have two weeks left of an eight week cycle of Anabeta Elite and EP stack. I must say that this is an awesome stack. My goal was to add lean muscle mass while cutting my bf% as well. These two supplements definitely live up to the hype! I have been on a lean muscle diet as well as adding Whey Isolate and flax seed, *** Amp Creatine 189 (I must comment on this product...I was suprised to see after a few days of checking my stool after reading on this site, of problems associated with breaking down and digesting these tablets. There they were staring right back at me. I have since started blending them with my morning shake with breakfast to help alleviate this problem. Not impressed and will not be continuing with this product after my dose is gone). Been using Cellucor C4 as well for pre workout along with a daily dose of fish oil. My plan is to take the recommended 4 week break from AE and EP. Can anyone suggest a good route to go coming off of this stack to continue with good gains. Honestly I am so thrilled with my gains and results from this stack I can't wait to get back on it. I am aware there are a ton of post regarding this stack but wanted specific info. on where to go from here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Awesome news the stack worked out so well . What are your goals once the stack is done? Keep gaining lean muscle mass? Cut, bulk, or recomp? There are plenty of options for you that is for sure.

    During your 4 week off time I would recommend just running your staples (Creatine, BA, fish oil, etc). Obviously keep your diet, exercise, and rest in check also.
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  3. Thanks Kbayne. A little about myself. I am 39 and a year ago was at an all time high of 240lbs. After feeling like a heart attack was right around the corner I made the conscious decision to change my eating lifestyle and habits (which where horrible) completely. In a years time I was able to lose 65 lbs. on diet alone, no pills, and minimal exercise. I alleviated my acid reflux that had plagued me for over a decade along with a developed case of sleep apnea (dignosed by my wife). After hearing most of my friends and family tell me I was too thin, I decided to get back in the gym. I have had stints of good muscle gains throughout my life so I experienced quite a bit of muscle memory fairly rapidly. After seeing these changes I decided to get a bit more serious about developing my body. That is when i started doing a ton of research on supplementation and correct dieting for my present goals. So I am relativley new to this world of eating to build muscle as well as what supplementation will help me with the best gains. So I would have to say that my current goal is to continue to gain lean muscle mass while cutting until my bf% is where I'd like it to be. Even though I was quite thin I was still holding a layer of fat in the vital areas of the stomach. I have been able to add muscle mass and cut body fat as a result of this stack. Do you have a recommendations on a good Creatine supplement brand? Preferably in powder form as I have not had good luck with the tablets in the Amp 189. Any other suggestions would be a plus....Thanks for your time.

  4. for creatine, just stick to creatine mono. buy in bulk will save you $. thanks for the review. love those products.
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  5. For creatine just grab some creatine monohydrate. There are plenty of options to choose from for creatine. If you still are looking to add lean mass and cut fat (recomp) I would look into Alphamine by PES and Versa-1 by USPLabs while you are taking your 4 week break off ABE/EP.

    What other supplements are you currently taking along with your ABE/EP as in staples?
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  6. First off, congrats on that overall success over the last couple of years changing your lifestyle and body. Props for that!

    There are a couple of ways I would go during this next four weeks, depending on what you really want to aim for. If you plan to try and add more lean mass again when you start up ABE + EP again I'd take this next four weeks as a nice time to try and cut some fat off (since that appears to still be a goal). I would look to add a fat burner on top of some staples if that is your goal. Alphamine would be a great addition for this kind of goal.

    If you wish to still gain muscle as the primary goal during these next several weeks then I would stick with choosing some ergogens to try. Something like 6-9g Citrulline Malate, Agmatine, Carnitine (LCLT, PLCAR, ALCAR), or Creatiniol-O-Phosphate (COP, not a form of creatine despite similar name) would be good places to start. I would choose 1 or 2 of those after reading up on them to see which may serve you best if you go this route.

    Finally, Creatine Monohydrate will be the cheapest and one of the most effective choices for Creatine (and is a tasteless powder).
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  7. Glad you are enjoying the stack OP!

    I agree alphamine would fit great for what your looking for. DAA would be another good addition.
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  8. I'd second that DAA thing, I am finishing up a run of Test Powder and really enjoying it, I'm 41 btw.

  9. Congrats, and the boys gave some solid advice here, good luck!

  10. I would go Alphamine, Prime and Compound 20 to give the body a bit of a break from the strong test boosting products you just came off of.

    This stack will continue to help tighten you up, get you stronger, recover faster and keep the muscle belies full. All while giving the body a break from stimulating natural test production and estrogen reduction.
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