Hello to everyone out there....New to this forum and after reading a ton of informative info. on this site thought I would post my first question. I have two weeks left of an eight week cycle of Anabeta Elite and EP stack. I must say that this is an awesome stack. My goal was to add lean muscle mass while cutting my bf% as well. These two supplements definitely live up to the hype! I have been on a lean muscle diet as well as adding Whey Isolate and flax seed, *** Amp Creatine 189 (I must comment on this product...I was suprised to see after a few days of checking my stool after reading on this site, of problems associated with breaking down and digesting these tablets. There they were staring right back at me. I have since started blending them with my morning shake with breakfast to help alleviate this problem. Not impressed and will not be continuing with this product after my dose is gone). Been using Cellucor C4 as well for pre workout along with a daily dose of fish oil. My plan is to take the recommended 4 week break from AE and EP. Can anyone suggest a good route to go coming off of this stack to continue with good gains. Honestly I am so thrilled with my gains and results from this stack I can't wait to get back on it. I am aware there are a ton of post regarding this stack but wanted specific info. on where to go from here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!