transdermal glutamine

  1. transdermal glutamine

    would a transdermal glutamine work, as so much gets ate up in the gut?

  2. I doubt it. Look at it this way:

    say you use 20g Glutamine orally to get an effect(questionable)

    90% is destroyed in the gut, leaving 2g in the blood.

    The max conc. you could get for a dermal would be ~50mg/ml

    So you would need 40ml a day for an effect.

  3. you'd better not let Bobo and size see this!!!

  4. Probably to big of a molecule to get through the skin.. Plus it would smell like ****

  5. Quote Originally Posted by milwood
    you'd better not let Bobo and size see this!!!

    seriously haha - anyone else see the last time someone claimed glutamine was useful? we say bobo at his best there

  6. Glutamine supplementation is of marginal benefit since it's only a "conditionally essential" amino acid. The "condition" only happens when overtraining or during very long, high intensity cardio sessions - both of which lifters should avoid doing if they want to continue to put on mass. If you feel a need for it and are concerned about getting more in your system, then use the peptide forms. They become free-form l-glutamine through the digestive process and get more glutamine into the blood - at least that's what is claimed.

  7. That´s true but the intestine is the spine of the immune system,the chineswe are telling,and if the gut needs it for its energy so be it.
    It´s anyway only the 5g-on-empty-stomach dose,that will give your hgh-pulse a decent spike-boost,so after your train a good thing to do.

    If you´d like to supplement your muscle-glutamine-pool,then supplement BCAAS cause they´re absorbed best and utilised for the body´s own glutamine synthesis.


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