New Form of ALCAR

  1. New Form of ALCAR

    Anyone heard of acetyl-l-carnitine arginate? Supposedly four times more effective than standard ALCAR.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Seen an ad for it from Life Extension.
    That's all I've ever heard of it.

  3. You've got my ALCAR junkie attention. I'll wait for some positive feedback and maybe by then the price will drop.

  4. i know this thread is old but is there any new developements on this

  5. Here's my impressions so far....

    BAC has the ALC-ARG powder 100 grams for $37.00. Dang pricey but I got some because they were out of KR-ALA.

    I tried to mix the powder with water or's extremely hydrophobic so it didn't work very well. I ended up capping it, abut 1.2 grams per cap.

    Been taking 1-2 a day for the last 10 days and I have to say I like it. It's not like regular ALCAR where you get a good feeling rush over you, it's more subtle.

    It's hard to explain but it seems to enhance motor skills and mental energy levels really well. I feel much more alert and positive. I'm also taking about 1200 mcgs of folic acid, grapeseed extract, rosemary extract, and a selenium chelate tablet everyday as part of a stack to alleviate winter depression. The ALC-ARG seems to fit nicely into this although for the price I might be forced to stick with regular ALCAR..which I like a lot.

    I've taken some before workouts and didnt notice anything...but my workouts have been ****ty lately anyway. A high dose before a WO might be interesting but cost prohibitive for me.

    All in all a thumbs up and hopefully the price will drop as it gains popularity.

  6. Hey bioman, add some chocamine to that pre workout ALCAR, its pretty cheap. It has done wonders for my pre workout boosts. IF you can handle caffeine with it ( i cant) that makes it even more potent. I am using 1fast's right now. I am very interested in the Alcar-Arg. Ill post over at bulknutrition about it and Avant and see what happens. They just got Pramiracetam ordered...that is just ridiculous as you cant even get it anywhere on the web without paying $$$.

  7. How much chocamine are you talking about? I tried this once and it knocked me out.

  8. Anyone else tried both and able to compare?

  9. There are actually a ton of new carnitines coming out. The only problem is they are all patented by the same company, and therefore still very expensive. I really beleive these will be big as soon as the price starts to drop.

  10. It'll be interesting to see what comes of these carnitines. I'm a ALCAR junkie too...about 3g+ a day.

  11. I do like Chocamine a lot although it doesnt do too much for me for WO as I'm a long time coffee drinker. Stuff puts me in a chipper mood..its great.

    Mixing the ALC-ARG and ALCAR has a nice effect on alertness and mental functioning.

    Stacking ALC-ARG with ALCAR, CEE, caffeine and glutamine has been great. I almost wish I was back in college to to take advantage of the brain boost. Almost.

    What happens a lot is that the patent holder either drops their price or they sell the patent and others can make it and sell it cheaper. Hopefully one or the other happens as I'd really like to stay on the alc-arg.


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