A run of Natadrol - Do i need PCT?

  1. A run of Natadrol - Do i need PCT?

    I have 2 bottles of Natadrol lying here.

    I want to try it out, to see if it does something for me. Should i get some PCT? Or can i just use a test-booster? I have Activate Xtreme, would that work?

    Im planning to run it with 6 caps/ a day for 6 weeks. Does that sounds ok?

    My goal is to gain some size, and try to get a little bit leaner.

    Its the first supplement im taking, besides protein and preworkouts and things like that.

    Thanks for helping me out.

  2. although its non hormonal it does affect the androgen receptors, but pct is not needed and if you want to use your testbooster then thats fine also, i enjoy gf-t21 by formutech nutrition which im currently using along with daa in my pct....
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