Scary WHEY allergy??

  1. Scary WHEY allergy??

    Hey gang.. Maybe 3 years ago I could take whey just fine until the other night (just got serious again in the gym) I picked up some Designer Whey Strawberry.. Bad idea! Throat closed up a bit and eyes got swollen. Not good.. 3 days later I came across these Nitro Peak 50x whey protein shots.. I drank a full one of those and NO reaction at all (They just discontinued this item and it seemed to be the only whey product that didnt affect me.. So I got all excited that maybe it was just a designer whey additive. I then went and picked up a jug of ON vanilla whey that was just isolate ( I was told this was a pretty clean product.. It was back to a horrible scary reaction. I have no idea what is going on with what could be causing the reaction. I can drink milk all day long with no reaction etc. Any of you guys have an idea what could be going on or maybe specifically what could be triggering the allergy? It seems so erratic and Im going crazy trying to figure out which product I could take that wont kill me. Any advice or suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!

  2. ur getting anaphylactic shock from something besides the the labels, the very very fine print...some companies have their stuff made and/or packaged in plants that also process fish, nuts, if you're allergic to say some nuts or shellfish, you will experience an allergic reaction...could also be the formulation or flavoring

    bad as this is, it may be a clue to finding out about some hidden allergy that you're predisposed to...something that could potentially kill i'd see this as the silver lining and find out what that is

    as for whey, i'd buy the cleanest, purest possible one...maybe Now whey isolate unflavored and test before you gulp...if you call around, i bet some companies will send you a sample to try b4 u buy

  3. Checked the Designer Whey label and the FINE print tells me there is wheat gluten in it. They disguise it in the label as a PEPTIDE (glutamine peptide), which is a wasteful filler derived from wheat gluten.
    Throat swelling sounds like a gluten intolerance to me.
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  4. If I remember right NLA's recover D is gluten free. You may want to get a sample and try it out.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Danb2285 View Post
    If I remember right NLA's recover D is gluten free. You may want to get a sample and try it out.
    Indeed and its fantastic
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  6. Really appreciate it guys. Im gonna hit them up for a sample. Big thanks!



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