Need a big help for my studies!!

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    Ever wonder how you can isometrically (no movement) contract your biceps and somehow they get larger, even though no physical contraction of the muscle has occurred? I'll let you ponder that's physics
    This blew my mind! It reminds me of one of those ancient proverbs, such as, the "sound of one hand clapping" or the old "if a tree falls in the woods"

    This one will stay with me forever!

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    Most CDP-Choline used in products is of the Cognizin trademarked brand (Jarrow, LEF, Swanson, etc.). You can find some in bulk though.
    Thanks. Ya I'll probably just continue with the Jarrow unless I come upon a sale/better deal from another brand.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    My life = studying.

    My supplements = Focus XT, CDP-Choline, ALCAR, Demiurge
    i have alpha-gpc in my stash as choline source (as alternative to cdp). i dont see a big price difference here in europe between these two so i prefer the alpha-gpc.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post

    Thanks. Ya I'll probably just continue with the Jarrow unless I come upon a sale/better deal from another brand.
    Yes, that is what I usually do-choose the cheapest I can find.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    I'm currently on it as I have a big exam Friday.1 scoop Focus XT25mg Ephedrine100mg PhenylPEvery 4 hours.And then, 2 hours after dosing the above stack (so between 2 Focus XT doses), I do 250mg CDP-Choline and 1g ALCAR.I repeat this 3-4 times a day during exam week. Oh, and I take 3g DAA daily for the week leading up to the examine. NMDA agonism promotes LTP and short term memory formation.Finally, write before the exam, I am typically sleep-deprived and take 200mg caffeine, 50mg 1,3D, and 500-1000mg PhenylP.
    *copy, save, got it. Ok, looks like I have my study protocol ready when I start up in just a couple months. Thanks for the nice outline Cy!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by kbayne View Post

    Not everyone doses Focus XT everyday therefore yes buying in bulk is a good idea to dose everyday.
    Ah I could never dose something like that everyday just for the shear fact of money and dependence .

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kingjameskjf View Post
    Nootropics as mentioned. Choline and Huperzine-A as well or some Focus XT.
    this is right.
    choline bitartrate is cheap as dirt.
    if you can stomach it straight, it is fool-proof ritual to ace that exam.

    choline, omegas
    low carb leading into the test keeps your head light, not heavy from nasty food.
    + survival mode = performance mode

    focus xt is a surprisingly good product and can be had for a very good price with 5minutes searching.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    In healthy humans, I don't see much merit in methylcobalamin use. It is used in two pathways: methylmalonic acid metabolism and homocysteine methylation (dominant pathway, not betaine-mediated).

    In unhealthy humans, it promotes re-myelination when megadosed, and it reduces ectopic nerve firing as well. However, since you have neither demyelinated nor ectopic nerves, I wouldn't expect much.

    If deficient, administration can increase hunger and energy levels. However, deficiency is essentially impossible unless you have genetic intrinsic factor deficiency, inflammatory bowel disease, or gastric bypass. Typical dietary consumption is several hundred or thousand-fold above the RDA
    ectopic nerve damage?

  9. hell man, just drink this stuff



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