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  1. Best Joint Formula

    Hi All,

    Winter is here and joints are starting to ache with the cold, time for a joint formula/blend.

    Would love to hear from you all, company reps more specifically on what they recommend......sell me on why I should use your brand/product

    Thx in advance.

  2. i'm not a rep for them (have nothing to do with them at all)..

    but, Achilles by Antaeus Labs - can't go wrong, stuff is best i've ever used

  3. SNS Cissus-XT , good Omega-3's like Orange OxiMega , and some extra joint support like the one in Orange Triad , and you'll be a happy winter camper
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  4. USPowders Bulk Cissus. 1g 4x a day. Been on it for almost 2 weeks and its far better than any other joint supplement I've taken.

  5. Well we have not released it yet so in the mean time- Animal Flex with SNS Cissus

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza
    SNS Cissus-XT , good Omega-3's like Orange OxiMega , and some extra joint support like the one in Orange Triad , and you'll be a happy winter camper
    This is exactly what I use and it works wonders.
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  7. Orange Triad with a good Cissus product and you are all good. I am a big fan of Cissus XT personally.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Orange Triad with a good Cissus product and you are all good. I am a big fan of Cissus XT personally.
    And I am a fan of your OxiMega and Triad with my Cissus XT !
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  9. Cissus XT + Orange Triad + OxiMegas for the win.

    Cissus really does wonders for those how haven't tried it. Plus it has more benefits then joint support
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  10. My favorite by a long shot is Flexible Joint Formula by Formutech Nutrition.
    It's a great mix glucosamine, Chondroitin, msm, Hyaluronic acid, and cissus. You can run it at half the dose and get two months out of one container with great reasults.

    My first run of a cissus based product was cissus xt which did its job well. I would definitely make sure cissus is in the mix.
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  11. Bulk super cissus

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza View Post
    SNS Cissus-XT , good Omega-3's like Orange OxiMega , and some extra joint support like the one in Orange Triad , and you'll be a happy winter camper
    Echo. Cissus xt is a good bang for your Buck. I've heard good things with this combo
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  13. I would look into joint help. Paractin is a very solid ingredient designed go acutely and chronically relieve all sorts of joint discomfort in addition to cissus. Paractin is a great ingredient because it begins working immediately.

    I greatly encourage you to at least look into it. Just google joint help i force anabolicminds forum.

    You will find a ton of logs and reviews.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  14. Super cissus for tendon, joint and cartilage help. Had an inflamed tendon...not anymore! Thanks super cissus!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza View Post
    And I am a fan of your OxiMega and Triad with my Cissus XT !
    excellent combo, very effective
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  16. I just finished a 60 day non-sponsored test of Antaeus Achilles. It really helped alleviate my shoulder issues and pain.

    I'm going to test out IForce Joint Help next but so far the Achilles is the one I recommend.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by snagencyV2.0 View Post
    i'm not a rep for them (have nothing to do with them at all)..

    but, Achilles by Antaeus Labs - can't go wrong, stuff is best i've ever used
    This exactly ^^^ number 1
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  18. Just bought a huge tub of Bulk Cissus from Nutraplanet to try. The insides of both elbows have been pretty painful lately. I have used Joint Help in the past and it worked pretty good, but I wanted to see if something less expensive can have similiar results. I am going to dose it rather high for the first few weeks then taper down to the suggested dosages. I also use Orange Triad and it definetly helps. Its subtle, but if you go off it for a while after a few weeks you really miss it.

  19. Joint Help:

    Quote Originally Posted by MrCooper69
    Week 1: I noticed a couple things: my joint issues were not fixed, but I seemed to feel a lot fewer aches and pains associated with weight training and cardio. It seemed to act almost like an analgesic when doing certain movements. I can see this being of great value to the older, sedentary crowd and to young, active individuals, both of whom may suffer from joint pain in their day to day activities. As far as relief in areas suffering from major local pain and inflammation, the effects of the product were only slightly evident during week 1. One other odd effect I noticed was that this product seemed to increase the effects and longevity of stimulants. I can recall quite a few instances in which I took this product shortly before using EC and felt like the stimulant EC of effect lasted around 2 hours longer than usual. Very interesting.

    Weeks 2-3: These two weeks are lumped together because the effects I felt during these two weeks were essentially the same. In the middle of week 2 and into week 3, I underwent a rapid period of joint relief in which both my shoulder pain and wrist pain were essentially gone. By the end of week 3, I had zero pain or stiffness in either joint, something which was VERY pleasing because I could finally effectively bench press again. However, when jumping back on the bench, I realized that the aforementioned muscle/tendon pain in my pec was still present. Also, the effect of this product, when taken even without stims, was a prolonged feeling of alertness which resulted in me dosing it early each morning. Again, very unique with respect to promotion of natural energy levels.

    Week 4 and Beyond: By the end of week 4 (my final week on the product), I had noticed the following: DRAMATICALLY reduced inflammation throughout my entire body, reduced aches and pains following bouts of intense exercise, an essentially healed shoulder and wrist, a stimulant-prolonging effect and alertness boost, and an unhealed pec injury. True to its name, this product aided tremendously with my joints, but I evidently did not notice much as far as helping a pre-existing pec injury. Well it turns out that after getting checked out, I have a small tear in my pectoralis minor. The reduced inflammation did not appear to accelerate the healing of my pec (which is still not totally complete), but I feel that healing a muscle tear is an unreasonable expectation from a joint product anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity1216
    No frauding, most people in the supp section who knows me knows I will NOT recommend something I am not happy with or if it does not work. And I would def. not purchase it if it did not work.
    ============================== ============================== ==============
    Ok 17 days on Joint Help and I feel fantastic!!!!! You guys have a customer for life srsly.
    Quote Originally Posted by intheayer55
    It's been great to be able to say goodbye to the nagging pain that I have been feeling in my left elbow. It has been a long time since I felt this great heading into the gym each day and its been great knowing that I can really push it 100% again in the gym without having to worry about the pain that comes with that sort of intensity. A lot of exercises would tweak my elbow when I performed them, but over the last few weeks, I've felt like there are no longer any exercises that are off limits for me. I go through my usual pre-workout warm-up to get the blood flowing and then I'm off to the races. In the past, I'd have to really make sure I warmed up for a sufficient amount of time to get through my workouts, but now with Joint Help in the mix, its back to the normal warm-up and then right into an intense session.
    ============================== ============================== ==============
    I really didn't think that Joint Help could help me as much as it has, but I have really seen some incredible results from using this supplement so far. And how quickly it worked in the process blew me away. Some joint supplements did provide some relief to me but only after weeks and weeks of continued use. But with Joint Help, I felt the benefits after only a few days. Incredible!
    ============================== ============================== =============
    This log for Joint Help has been an amazing journey for me. I really didn't think Joint Help would improve how I felt as much as it has, but wow, my expectations have been exceeded! This has been a great addition for my stack and because it works so well, it will be a staple for me going forward. I can't imagine trying to train each day without this supplement!
    ============================== ============================== =============
    I would definitely rate Joint Help from iForce Nutrition as a 10 out of 10! This supplement definitely got me back in the game. I had used some other basic joint supplements in the past like glucosamine and chondroitin, but the effects of that supplement was nothing compared to what Joint Help brought to the table. My body has never felt better and I can safely say that Joint Help will now be a part of my stack because saying goodbye to those nagging injuries has been such a relief for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Godhelpme View Post
    For the current price Joint Help is definitely worth it based on the results I got from it. I have several other joint supplements that are half full that I haven't gone back to since using Joint Help. I am going to get a couple bottles of Joint Help soon, because it work well for me in the area of pain and swelling, thanks again iForce, this is a solid joint supplement, I highly recommend it!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyroo View Post
    & sadly we come to an end...

    Just had dinner accompanied by my very last dosage of Joint Help.
    Before all, I want to thank iForce and VaughnTrue for giving me the opportunity to try this product.
    I can truly say there will be no turning back for me. I am one happy camper!

    Since back in high school my ankles had been a major problem, and then when I started working out my wrist and hip were just another problem piled on top of that. I can't express how thankful I am to have given the chance to try Joint Help. It's definitely turned my gym lifestyle around. Almost immediately was I able to notice a difference from this product; no joints popping and cracking in the mornings.
    I have to say when being consistent with this product, the most exciting part for me was seeing my lifts increase. My joint problems had always kept me from doing certain exercises and from increasing weight, I no longer have this problem.
    Its pretty amazing really, I don't suffer from any joint popping or wrists giving out at the gym anymore.
    All the cracking and popping has completely disappeared.

    When doing squats, I have always had a popping problem with my right hip and an awkward swaying problem, this hip no longer pops but it still slightly sways to the side after a couple squat reps. I have noticed a huge change from before taking JH to now, and this is why I plan to continue JH for life. I want to rid this hip problem for good!

    I had never been so satisfied like I am with Joint Help.

    I give this product a 10/10
    I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from any joint issues or anyone looking to make weak joints stronger.

    Thanks again for allowing me to log this product, it was a fun & enjoyable journey!

    don't waste your time on anything else.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  20. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    Joint Help:

    don't waste your time on anything else.
    dammit man..i think that was the plug of the day

  21. tattoopierced1
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    Joint Fixx

  22. Achilles, E-Pharm Joint Force (Topical), SNS Cissus XT, and Animal Flex are the best I have used. Achilles would probably be best if you are just looking to buy one

  23. Any with Condroitin, Glucosamine and Cissus.

  24. I absolutely SWEAR by Formutech Flexible. 2 caps in the AM and 2 in the PM and my knees and knuckles have seen really significant improvement. With the price Nutra is selling it at you get a 2 month supply for $27, it's a great deal. Check it out!
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  25. We will have our Joint armor out soon
    Use code marms for 25% off also works with IRON LEGION


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