PWO supp companies, PLEASE stop with the caffeine!

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  2. The 'stim' in all these products are what sells them. People feel the effect of a stimulant and the placebo effect takes over. "Oh, feel that buzz, I'm gonna have a great work out now" It's total BS, but it makes the Supp Companies millions of dollars.

    When in reality caffeine and other stims do nothing to make you stronger, quite the opposite in fact, especially over the long run.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Geoforce View Post
    As well you should. We don't need these massive amounts of stims in pre-workouts that so many companies seem to be fond of. Number one I don't think it's that healthy for users and number 2 I don't think it's that beneficial. Note that I'm talking about the companies that underdose many different ingredients but mega dose that one.
    That's my problem, to me it's almost a form of "cheating" to use so much caffeine but not to adequately dose the other ingredients. 100 -200mg of caffeine is good enough for me. People are getting "hooked" on so much caffeine and they are judging how good the pwo products are based on the "stim" feeling, which is just cheap caffeine! I use fat-burners which have caffeine in them, so it's hard to use a pwo and fat-burners together because of the possibility of using too much caffeine. Plus doesn't using too much caffeine burn-out your adrenal glands?

    I like the PES Enhanced approach, they use just enough caffeine so that even at 2 scoops (which I always need for most products) I wont be running on pure caffeine! To me, the higher-quality pwo's use lower dosage caffeine, or none at all. I've had some bad caffeine withdrawal taking to much, and I do some sort of exercise 6 days a week so that is a lot of caffeine! Hemoval is great, so is Ragnoorak from MT. I am still working on what dose works for me using the Focus XT I have. One scoop does not seem to be enough at this time to get me going.

    If Condense would come out with a caffeine-free version I would be all over that!!


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