How Much 4-DHEA?

  1. How Much 4-DHEA?

    I plan to run some Androgains(rereleased Andromass v.2) for 8 weeks later this year.
    300mg 1-DHEA
    300mg 4-DHEA

    The 1-DHEA is know for lethargy and libido loss. Thought I'd try to combat this with some Epiandro and Dermacrine, along with the 4-
    DHEA. However, I also thought that some extra 4-DHEA(alphabulk) might be a better choice overall. That would be an extra 120mg for a total of 420mg.

    At what point(mg) would I have enough 4-DHEA to override the 1-DHEA? Or is there a point of diminished returns?

    I understand that there's other anabolic processes than just the two step conversion to testosterone, but anyone know at what rate it does convert to test?

    What are your thoughts guys? Anything I missed that might help?

  2. yeah i'd just go with either derma (first choice), or 4-dhea
    not both

  3. Quote Originally Posted by snagencyV2.0 View Post
    yeah i'd just go with either derma (first choice), or 4-dhea
    not both
    Or 5-alpha test by FRL to combat lethargy.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

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